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From the kitchen to Nano Technology!

I stared the company with a great home recipe, but like most things the ingredients weren’t stable so I
consulted an expert in skin care manufacturing, my first products where born. From there my journey
took me to scientists who work with Nano Technology. I’m extremely proud of the quality of the
products and the results just keep coming.

I hope you will join me on my journey to be more confident and beautiful!

What sets us apart

We make use of Nano Technology,
so we can send the right ingredients
to the right places.

Download my FREE pdf on Nano Technology

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Our Coffee Body Care range is fantastic to soften your skin. From scrubbing of all those old dead skin cells to feeding your skin with a delicious body butter. We also have a creamy scrub for your face that is gentle and moisturizing
Advance Skin Care with Nano technology. The liposooms (tiny capsule that contain the ingredients) are different sizes with the right stuff to hit the right places. The liposooms are so tiny that we can target some ingredients to enter into your blood stream so you absorb more and not have all the cream just on top of the skin.

Spraying the bugs away. Instead of drinking a tablet that needs to go through the stomach and then needs to be absorb correctly before it can benefit with a cold or flue, you can simply spray the good stuff through your nose. The absorption of the good stuff will feel almost instant, especially the sinus and cold and flue sprays. No need to struggle with the little ones to take their medicine.

“My teenage boy of 13 have been struggling with pimples. At first it was thick red swollen pimples but after using your product it has been reduced to small spots which a camera could not even pick up and is getting less every week. Thank you for a great product!” Carlien Potgieter

I want to give my own testimonials
1. I’ve shared my before and after on the advanced skin care page and I can truly see a big difference on the evenness of my skin
2. I simply love the Coffee Body Butter, no winter skin for my family and it evens works on my feet
3. my bum has never in my adult live been so soft after a good Coffee Body Scrub!
4. The wellness products have put my family throw winter without any doctor visits!

Cindy Le Roux

I used the StSinDi Body Butter for my eczema, I saw results from the third day of use. I love not only the smell of the products but also how soft it makes my skin feel.

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